Team Brain Partnership

Website design for Team Brain Partnership

Kathryn Kissell is a counselling psychologist who also works in academia. Over the course of the last few years, she has been working on a project to bring her expertise to a corporate audience. 

Inspired by developments in her own field of psychology, she has developed a concept called the ‘team brain’. Team brain means that when a group of people comes together, and performs under pressure, they develop a singular way of thinking; in essence, the group begins to think as one, rather than as individuals. With this in mind, she planned to position herself as a coach, trainer and consultant in the UK. 

To do this, Kathryn needed an expert web designer who could grasp the project and then journey with her through the process. A colleague recommended Simon. 

When she first met Simon, she was right at the start of the process. All she had was the company name, a logo, and some colours for her new brand. She wanted to create a B2B business website but wasn’t sure where to start. 

Impact of working with Simon

Working with Simon has been a journey of discovery, she explains. He refined what she was trying to achieve. 

After spending time conveying to Simon what she had in mind, he would send something through and Kathryn would think, ‘You’ve absolutely got it, and you’ve taken it beyond what I wanted’. Simon has brought a lot of insight, she adds, but in quite a low-key manner. He’s not at all intrusive. 

Simon’s skill was in his ability to help her ‘simplify simplify simplify’. He’s been able to do more for her than she had even envisaged herself.  

When asked what it is that sets Simon apart, she is quick to point to his genuine care for the project: 

‘Simon really cares about the product he’s working on. It matters to him. He’s not just trying to do something, He’s deeply invested in producing something that really lines up with what his client has in mind’. 

Kathryn adds, with emphasis: ‘He’s really trying to inhabit what you’re after and make it the best that it can be’. 

Why would you recommend Simon?

What really delighted Kathryn about Simon was that he isn’t interested in appeasing his clients. ‘He’ll push and be challenging. In that way he is able to refine and hone the ideas I have. If you’re willing to have someone who’s really thinking alongside, then Simon is for you.’